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Dance Over Me

Candee Fick is in Seekerville today. Stop by and say hi!!

Dance Over Me by Candee Fick
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dance Over Me is a sentimental story set against the backdrop of a competitive, distrustful dinner theater world. Dancer/actress, Danielle Lefontaine has spent years searching for her brother as the two had been separated in childhood due to a glitch in the foster care system. A solid lead that the family who had adopted her brother reside north of Denver brings her to audition for a part in a dinner theater production in the college town of Ft. Collins, Colorado. Alex Sheridan, a musician in the production, is completing his degree at the university in order to help run the family business - the dinner theater.

Candee Fick creates heartfelt characters filled with optimism and rich in faith. Dani and Alex have had enough hard knocks in life to make approaching any kind of relationship something to think twice about. Hard work and having faith in their final goals keeps life in perspective. The supporting cast -so to speak- of the theater production are more than just secondary characters. Many of them bring enough backstory with them to make me hope for an entire series built around this little theater world.

It would be so easy to run off at the mouth and reveal all the details of the book, but I know better than to do that to you. Dance Over Me draws the reader in from page 1, constantly churning new details and disasters throughout the middle, and wrapping the entire story up quite nicely in the last few pages.

I was given a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review and I can honestly say, Dance Over Me filled me with laughter, joy and frustration on behalf of the characters, and even coaxed out an occasional emotional tear. Dance Over Me will leave you with the desire to check out production listings at your own local dinner theater.

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