Thursday, June 25, 2015

Review copies available

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to let you know my current book, Rough Road Home, is featured in a newsletter hosted by A Girl and Her eBooks. It's a great post with a HUGE pic of the cover and a LONG excerpt : )

If you're interested, I'm giving away copies of Rough Road Home in return for an honest review.

I hope you enjoy the post!!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Rough Road Home is AVAILABLE NOW!!!

We are having a very wet spring along the Front Range of Colorado! For a city that boasts an average of 250 days of sunshine a year, Denver has probably met its quota of cloudy and wet for the year already. So, what does one do when the dreary weather hits? We write! With the rainy-weather-blinder in place around my otherwise ADD brain (I mean really, you can only walk the dog so much in the rain), I finished the last of my revisions and Rough Road Home is complete.

Please allow me to wander off the subject of writing for a moment…I promise my thoughts are relevant. Life at the day job has been unusually hectic this spring for many of us. We thought a movie night might boost spirits. After dinner, we bought tickets to the movie, The Longest Ride, based on the book by Nicolas Sparks. Oh, be still my heart! Bull riders and rodeo!! Of course, we can’t forget Scott Eastwood as Luke Collins in the heroic role either. Now there’s a young man who is following in papa’s footsteps very nicely. As one of my co-workers said, “the movie is filled with beautiful people.” 

Sorry, I digress…

The Longest Ride is a poignant, moving story depicting the connection between the lives of strangers and how they relate to one another. The overall movie is a well-done connection between two love stories, but my excitement sparked (no pun intended) over the dedication (some call it an addiction) to the sport of bull riding. Bull riders ride for many reasons - some viable, some not. In the end, only the cowboy can justify the measure of danger he subjects himself to in order to go the 8 seconds on a ton and a half of bucking beef.

Sometimes the ride goes well … and sometimes it doesn’t.

Both Luke Collins and Nick Davidson, the hero in my book Rough Road Home, experience the highs and lows of professional bull riding. Both are acclaimed rodeo stars; both have sustained injuries; both know the risks.

And both have to decide when enough is enough.

Which brings us back to the last book in my Circle D series. Nick is the eldest of the Davidson sons. He’s been away from home a long time, riding bulls to combat the demons that plague his conscience. A bull rider’s worst nightmare brings Rachel Hill into Nick’s life. Rachel, a financial stockbroker, is no stranger to the rodeo life though, unlike Nick, bull riding events evoke memories better left buried. Against her better judgment, Rachel agrees to set aside her own professional plans and drive the battered cowboy to the next rodeo.

Can these tortured souls accept God’s mercy and grace long enough to forgive and release the hurts from the past? For Nick and Rachel, it’s a Rough Road Home.

I appreciate your company on my writing journey. My most heartfelt thank you for your endless support. If you'd like to check out all my books, please visit my author page on Amazon, Audra Harders.

Until next time…

Audra Harders