Sunday, May 23, 2010

Graduation in the air

I despise paying bills. Anyone else feel the same way??

I just finished paying the last bill for the month and, hallelujah!! There's money left in the checking account : ) This is such a tight economy, every penny left over is celebrated.

But that joy won't last long.

We have a high school senior who is chomping at the bit to graduate. This coming Saturday. We're all dancing with excitement in the Harders' household, including my daughter who just graduated from junior college two weeks ago. And to think, I remember them starting preschool like it was yesterday...

I digress : )

Back to graduation and our budget. All is not gloom and doom!! I've prayed for breathing space in the bank account for special occasions, and guess what? After shopping for party fare prudently, ordering graduation gifts when they were on sale, and cleaning up stored deck furniture in lieu of new, I do believe we have the special occasion signed, sealed and paid for -- IN ADVANCE!!

Now THAT'S a miracle, LOL!

Congratulations to all the graduates looking forward to their special days no matter your age, school or degree. I applaud your achievements and wish you all much success!!

Welcome to a new chapter of your life!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Coming Up In Seekerville

Monday: 2010 Genesis Finalist and Seeker Pam Hillman is posting today.

Tuesday:Steeple Hill Love Inspired author Ruth Logan Herne is your hostess today. Her post is called, "Love With the Perfect Stranger... For Research Purposes ONLY, of course..." Ruth will be giving away a copy of Waiting Out the Storm and Courage-building Chocolate for approaching unknown writing industry professionals. Two winners.

Wednesday: Steeple Hill Love Inspired author Glynna Kaye will be here. Her post is "A Word From Your Inner Critic. " And she'll be giving away a copy of Dreaming of Home.

Thursday: Thomas Nelson debut author Cara Lynn James shares today. Cara is giving away a copy of the first book in The Ladies of Summerhill series: Love On a Dime!

Friday: Steeple Hill Love Inspired debut author Tina Radcliffe will be taking you for a stroll down Memory Lane with her post, "The First Time." Stop by for a little reminiscing and a special give away.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Seekerville Happenings

Look what's happening in Seekerville this week!

Monday: Revell and Steeple Hill Love Inspired author (and RITA finalist) Irene Hannon is our special guest. She'll be giving away one of her books too!

Tuesday: Steeple Hill Love Inspired author,
Cheryl Wyatt will post on, Getting into (TOO MUCH) Character. She'll give away a copy of Brandilyn Collins' Getting Into Character, a craft book that Joan Marlow Golan recommended. She'll be talking about characterization pitfalls and how ancillary characters differ from secondaries and the significance of each.

Wednesday: Steeple Hill Suspense author
Debby Giusti shares today and she's giving away a winner's choice book prize.

Thursday: Zondervan and Steeple Hill Suspense author
Camy Tang will be giving everyone a chance to practice their one-sentence hook! And she'll provide feedback if you dare to post yours.

Friday: We're excited to welcome back Revell author
Maggie Brendan today.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Art of Layering

Check out the posts in Seekerville today...and yesterday! Renee Ryan is blogging on layering your manuscript. You'll want to print off copies of both days and share!

Monday, May 03, 2010

This Week In Seekerville

Seekerville is kicking May off right! Look at this line up for the week.

Monday & Tuesday we have an all day workshop delivered in two days of posts with Steeple Hill Historical author Renee Ryan . Join us for The Art of Layering. Not only is Renee presenting but she is she's giving away two books plus a Series collection.

Wednesday: Seekerville will be commemorating Executive Editor, Joan Marlow Golan's visit with a 9-5 giveaway. We'll mark the hours with drawings for all kinds of lovely Seekerville friendly prizes. Our 9-5 will be East and West Coast inclusive. So if you are in PST we will be giving away prizes until it is five p.m. there also.

That's actually 12 hours of giveaways. Don't miss the fun.

Food courtesy of the Knights of Columbus Annual Spring Fish Fry, featuring their broiled or fried seafood platter complete with a fresh fruit bar and a dessert melange hosted by Ruthy and the Westside Sisters Bakery. Carrot cake courtesy of Mary Connealy. Coffee bar courtesy of Starbuck's.

Thursday: We are thrilled to have writer Theresa Rizzo with us today sharing about the Crested Butte Writers Conference.

Friday: Heartsong Presents author Shannon Vannatter sharing with, Where My School of Hard Knocks Collided with Contests. And she's giving away a copy or her release, White Roses.