Sunday, February 22, 2009

Check It Out!

Seekerville has lots to offer this week!

Monday-Multiple Golden Heart finalist and Seeker-extraordinaire, Pam Hillman posts.

Tuesday-Avon HarperCollins author, Jordan Dane is our guest sharing on the realities of internet safety.

Wednesday-Steeple Hill Love Inspired debut author and recent deportee from Unpubbed Island, Glynna Kaye posts: The Timer is Your Friend.

Thursday- Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense author, Stephanie Newton is coming to Seekerville!!

Friday-Gina Conroy, Portrait of a Writer Interrupted, will be visiting Seekerville. Join us for, Write or Wrong? Where are your priorities?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Taxes and Cowboys

What could be better than a Saturday spent cleaning the home office? It may not sound exciting, but it's exactly what this writer needed today.

I've spent the last three days compiling informatin for taxes -- my husband is self employed, daughter is in college, son is still home with us. That makes for a lot of taxes stuff to gather for our accountant!!

As I'm throwing things away, I'm thinking about the finishing touches to my lasted book, Rough and Ready. I need atmosphere, description and the five senses to help me paint the picture of the Circle D Ranch well. What comes to mind is the ranching operation my daughter has been working for over the past two years, Sombrero Ranches. One of the largest horse operations in the nation, Sombrero offers trail rides all over Colorado.

So, I went to their web site.

If you want a taste of what you'll be reading in my books, check out Sombrero Ranches. Gorgeous mountain areas just waiting for folks to explore on horse back. Don't want to hike all the way up a 14,000 foot mountain? They offer trail rides up Longs Peak leaving only the last bit of mountain for you to traverse yourself.

These are good folks -- have known them for years. If you're in Colorado, please take the time to visit one of their locations, and enjoy Colorado on horseback!

Back to cleaning my office. If I don't finish this, I'll never get Rough and Ready finished!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Check It Out!

Check out the great blogs happening in Seekerville this week!!

Monday -- Missy Tippens, Steeple Hill Author, will entertain with her wit and wisdom.

Tuesday -- Cheryl Wyatt, Steeple Hill Author, continues her series called Plotstorming, offering interesting methods on plotting.

Wednesday -- Debby Giusti, Steeple Hill Suspense Author, always a blogger to drop in on.

Thursday -- Camy Tang, Zondervan and Steeple Hill Suspense Author will share inexpensive writing retreats.

Friday -- Nicole Young is the author of the Patricia Amble, including Love Me If You Must and Kill Me If You Can, books 1 & 2 in the Patricia Amble Mystery Series, published by Revell. The exciting conclusion to her taut romantic suspense series, Kiss Me If You Dare comes out this month.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines of Old

In third century Rome, an oppressive Roman emperor, Claudius II ordered all Romans to worship twelve gods and he made it a crime punishable by death to associate with Christians.

Valentinus was dedicated to the ideals of Christ and continued to practice his ideal and beliefs. He was arrested and imprisoned. During the weeks of his imprisonment, the jailer saw that he was a man of learning and begged him to teach his daughter who was blind.

Valentinius agreed to teach Julia. Valentinius read stories of Rome's history, described the world of nature to her, taught her arithetic and told her about God. She trusted him and found comfort in his quiet strength. Julia asked many questions about God. She wanted to know if He really answered prayer. Valentinius assured her that God answers all prayers if you blieve in Him. Julia asked God if she could see. Valentinius knelt with her in the cell and suddenly it was filled with a bright light. Julia cried, "Valentinius, I can see." Valentinus praised God

On the eve of his death, Valentinus wrote a last note to Julia urging her to stay close to God and he signed it "From Your Valentine."

His sentence was carried out the next day, February 14, 270 AD near a gate that was later named porta Valentini in his memory. He was buried at what is now the Church of Praxedes in Rome. It is said that Julia herself planted a pink-blossomed almond tree near his grave.

Today, the almond tree remains a symbol of abiding love and friendship On each Feb 14th, St. Valentine's Day, messages of affection, love and devotion are exchanged around the world.

Thank you Sandra Lee Smith for sharing this story with me!!