Friday, October 24, 2008

Interesting Discussions. . .

Hi All!

Have you visited the Five Scribes blog Take a peek on the current conversation on tattoos. Quite the interesting topic : )

And check out The Seekers blog Susan Sleeman shares her *Call* moment. Had me drooling : )

If you want the current scoop on contests and Asian gourmet [grin], visit Camy's Loft Camy has her third book in the Sushi series out, Single Sashimi, and it's a winner! A review will be posted here soon!

That's all for now. Visit again soon : )


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  2. Hi, Audra. I had your website but not your blog, so now I've added you.

  3. Love the colors, Audra -- and the thoughtfulness of your blog entries.

  4. Thanks for the linky luv, Audra!

  5. For some strange reason my post came up with additional stuff, so I deleted it and am re posting.

    I am thrilled to see your new dedication to writing and love your blog.

    I have a blog I have not begun yet are making me think about it..... :)

  6. Thanks guys. This has been fun. I plan to promote as many writers (of course mostly Seekers!), cuz coming up with fresh insights is difficult!

    Thanks for the support!