Friday, September 08, 2006

Review: Waiting For Summer's Return

Looking for an emotional read? Try this.

Kim Vogel Sawyer has created a stunning debut book. Strong emotions, coupled with gentle and humble souls, make Waiting For Summer's Return a story loaded with turmoil and poignancy.

After losing her husband and children to Typhoid, Summer Steadman feels no desire to continue living. She has lost everything dear to her, including her faith in God. To widower Peter Ollenburger, who is raising his son with the help of his mother-in-law, faith in God is everything.

The Mennonite townspeople of Gaeddert, Kansas are suspicious of the woman stranded in their midst. Peter seeks a teacher for his injured son and turns to Summer for help, despite the displeasure of the tight-knit community. Through his patience and unshakeable devotion to God, Peter risks his reputation to befriend this despondant woman from Boston. He teaches Summer and the community the joy found in following the examples of Christ.

As Summer becomes comfortable with her new situation, she not only teaches academics to young Thomas, she also softens Peter's heart to love, brings joy back to Grossmuter's life, and eases the town's fears of strangers.

Both Peter and Summer have loved and lost which makes this touching journey of discovery all the more sweeter.

Kim Sawyer has taken the frightened, desolute prairie of Kansas and turned it into a place to call home. She portrays Summer's struggles in the Mennonite community with heart and depth of insight. She crafts a story of people filled with suspicion and fear who learn that trust in God relieves unnecessary burdens.

This is a must read book.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Where To Begin?

Staring at a blank page is a bit daunting. . .especially when you’ve chosen this arena of expression all on your own. Why blog? Many use their blogs to express day to day thoughts (mine aren’t all that exciting) or welcome interactive participation (I’d never get anything done if I chatted all day) or announce any type of industry news (I count on others to provide for me) and the list goes on. Let’s experiment and see just where my niche may be. . ..

I’m a fiction novelist, how difficult can writing a few words be? I can begin with snippets of historical facts that I’ve come across during the research of my historical series, Lost Causes. Gypsies have always fascinated me. From the time my mother threatened to sell me to the gypsies if I was bad, to the vivid memories of colorful characters on the big screen, their mysterious, carefree life has become the stereotype for gypsies throughout time.

Want something more current? How about cowboys? My contemporary series, The Circle D Ranch, tackles problems home on the ranch, out on the riding circuit, and even in the world of high finance for those cowboys who make it big and maybe begin to forget their roots.

I’ll also be offering reviews of new books and plenty more.

Interested? I hope so!

Visit often!